6/14/17    5 star review

I love waking up with permanent eyeliner. My eye lashes are super light and I look very pale without eyeliner. So nice to feel better about my appearance. My experience with Louisville Permanent Mane up was first rate. Very knowledgeable and professional with an eye toward perfection. I have and do, recommend this company and the owner.

March 1, 2017

Thank you Ms Bev. Your the best I love my eyebrows


06/02/2017 *****

Amazing!  I was so impressed with her suggestions and expertise with my situation.  She is so very skilled and strives for perfection.  I could not be any more impressed with my results. She took so much time and care to ensure that my results were both up to her perfectionist standards and also far exceeding my expectations.  Highly, highly recommend!     Melissa S.

Dec. 29, 2016 **********

Tarrah Gollar Lutz I LOVE my brows. You did the best job. It will save me so much time and they changed the look of my face.


I give Beverly 5 stars. She's very friendly, honest and professional. She knows what she is doing and does it very well. I am in love with my brows and plus the fact that I don't have to draw them on !!!      Jasmine J.

June 14, 2017   *****

Love my permanent make up!!!! Check it out!!
I am very pleased with the results and would reccomend Louisville Permanent Makeup to anyone interested in making their morning routine of putting on their face easier.  

Beverly, Thank you for checking on me. I was just thinking about you and how much I already adore you. You have changed my life. Patricia         03/02/2017

Beverly is wonderful! I had my eyebrows done and she explains everything to you and answers your questions before and during the procedure. It is not painless but it is certainly tolerable. She uses numbing ointment which really helps with the discomfort. It feels like a little prickly ball rolling around on your skin. I am so happy with my eyebrows! Feb. 10, 2016 by JM

I truly love the soft and natural look of my new permanent eyeliner, you are a gifted and very talented artist and I feel so blessed I found you 3 years ago when you did my brows which I just recently had you refresh and they too look absolutely great. You're not only passionate about your work but the compassion you have for your clients is heartfelt.

5 star recommendations will be coming from me, thank you so much I'm definitely pleased. Janice Barker.

Beverly has done my eyeliner, lips and brows, several years ago. I love it ALL.  I have had touch ups every 3 years and my make up always looks perfect. I highly recommend Beverly for any  permanent make up procedure you wish to have.


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I have one regret with regard to my permanent cosmetic procedure provided by Beverly at Louisville Permanent Make-up....I wish I had gone here first and I wish I had never gone to someone else. My permanent make-up that Beverly did is beautiful, perfect and natural looking, all at the same time. I am so glad I did this for myself. Thank you so much.

Clare /  2015 This is a 5 star rating for certain

Feb 12, 2015

Lips look fabulous, so happy with them.

I had my lips, eyes and brows done by a lady (who I won't name) in the east end several years ago. My brows and lip color turned dark blue after a couple of years. I have lived with keeping lip and brow pencil on these areas at all times because they were hideous. I was afraid to have the permanent make up redone.  I decided to call Louisville perm make up to see what could be done. I had Beverley correct my ugly blue lips and brows and I am thrilled that I did. They are perfect and no longer blue. I recommend you call if you need to correct your present make up or if you want a new perm make up done. I wish I had found Beverly for my first time.  AEM  February, 2015

August 18, 14  Five Star

What a difference permanent lip color makes! I love it. Thanks. 

October, 2014  *****

Beverly, can't thank you enough, you know why. I love the look and I love you for making me feel better about my appearance. I wish I had come to you in the first place and avoided all the heartache. Thank you so much. Donna

5 Stars for Beverley

CC       posted 8/24/14

June 15, 2014     google 5 star rating

My experience with Beverly at Louisville Permanent Makeup was truly a pleasure. She really strives to make you comfortable and enjoy have it done. She is very meticulous and caring about her work. I would recommend her highly to anyone thinking of having this done. Pat Coulter 

A Big Thank You to all my client friends who have supported me and my work with wonderful reviews, comments and testimonials. You are the reason I love what I do and I love feeling like I have contributed to each of your beautiful Faces. Much Thanks & love to you !

5 star rating ; posted 3/22/14
"I had an Excellent experience with Beverly. I had my upper and lower eye liner done, and my Lips. PERFECT results ! Ladies, if you have been thinking about doing this, but still on the fence- Don't wait! I wish I had done this years ago. No more worries about fading lip stick, or smeared or running eye liner, wake up, wash your face- and you look ready to walk out the door! It is NOT as painful as you think! It is a little tickling sensation, and a little discomfort- nothing  that cant be handled, and remember the numbing gel- it works wonders :)  Beverly is wonderful, and can assist you in creating your perfect look. I highly recommend you have a chat with Beverly, then take the plunge! You wont regret it !Best Wishes Kerry



Make Up 

July 1, 2016  *****   5 star

I would recommend anyone to do this. I would do it a million times over. I wasted years being insecure over my brows and you have helped me become confident and proud of my brows. There's women everywhere that have the same insecurities I had. If they only knew Louisville Permanent Makeup would give them the confidence they so desperately deserve and need, everyone would do it.
Received by I message from Jennifer Davidson 7/1/16

I've been a permanent makeup artist in Missouri for ten years. I am so glad to have Beverly touch up my eyeliner and full lips! So nice to find someone so knowledgable and professional. Well worth the five hour trip !!

I have had my lips, eyes,and eye liner performed by Beverly at Louisville permanent makeup and i am very satisfied with the results!!!!Beverly is very knowledgeable about what she does and she enjoys what she does too!! You can tell ... as it shows in the excellant work she does!!!! My mom and i both had permanent makeup together!!! Mom and daughter day out!!!! It was great!!! We are both very happy with results and best part ..... less time spent applying makeup!!! More time to do other things!!! GREAT JOB BEV!!!      Kayce D.

*****      10/9/17

‚ÄčAbsolutely Love LOVE Loooveee my BROWS!! Thank you Beverly!! Clean, professional, on time and a fabulous job! I feel and look amazing! I totally recommend this classy, professional lady! She KNOWS what she's doing!!Type your paragraph here.

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Beverly is very nice and very knowledgeable about her service of permanent make up. She makes you feel very comfortable. Highly recommended, she is a perfectionist and wants to make sure everyone is happy with the results of the permanent make up.  Staci T.

6/1/2017    ****

I got my upper eyeliner done by beverly and after 3 applications I am happy. She make me feel very relaxed as I was nervous about the procedure. The final touch up she did free of charge as I paid $200 each for the first 2 and it was highly faded. The one drawback is when the 2nd application had faded so badly she said it was because I didn't follow aftercare procedures, even though I had to a T. 3rd time is a charm though and it now looks great!

Beverly, I can't begin to express my appreciation for you and the talented artist you are. My life has changed because of your dedication to the art of permanent cosmetics. You are unbelievably talented and overwhelmingly compassionate. I love the way you've changed how I look at myself and how I view tomorrow. Having lived with a horrible facial scar for 8 years, I didn't think it possible to look like me again. Thank you and to say I appreciate you is too vague, I love you girl.    Olivia G. 

Thanks for checking on me! Here's my review: this was my first experience with permanent makeup and I am very happy with my eyebrows. The staff was very friendly. My makeup artist explained the procedure well and continued to explain throughout. She asked how I was doing often and answered my questions, and had me look at my eyebrows several times throughout so I could give feedback. The shape of my eyebrows are perfect and I couldn't be happier!   Amanda Smith

2-18-16   *****
Let's FACE it, anytime someone thinks about having anything done to their face that others will see is a scary process. Our anxiety will set in because we don't know what is to come when doing something that others may have done, but you have yet to expierence it. So we get a little nervous and start to second guess things but DON'T. My first application of getting my eyebrows done was on 2-18-2016 and I couldn't be happier. It was painless for me and Beverly was not only awesome with her work but very professional. The fear you had getting there goes away immediately. This is something that I hight recommend for anyone to do and it was well worth it. She gets a 5 star rating from me, and I plan on returning for a very more visits to get other things done as well.
Jennifer Thurman  

6/1/2017 *****
I love Louisville Permanent Makeup and the owner is the absolute best at permanent makeup application. The staff are always friendly and helpful. The salon is clean and there are even 17 hairstylists if you want your hair done after your permanent makeup, lol.
I would never consider having my face worked on anywhere else. Perfection and integrity are so important in this line of work and Beverly is a perfectionist and her integrity toward beyond reproach. Catherine

I used to color my brow in. I couldn't stand doing it. I would always accidentally rub them off during the day and end up with a unibrow by evening. So, when I made the decision to get my brows done permanently, I was excited ! It took less than 30 minutes and was virtually painless. Beverly applies a numbing cream that kicks in within minutes. She actually measured out dimensions on my face to make sure my brows were evenly spaced and angled. True artistry at work! My brows actually landed me in Today's Woman Magazine.
Aleta Gorter         9/11/15

August 22, 2013 *****

Beverly Bohr is a true artist when it comes to permanent makeup. I've been going to her for years and wouldn't trust anyone else with my face! I love the new machine Bev is using. It is much more comfortable than it's predecessors. It's wonderful waking up in the morning to a real face! Love you, Bev! Thank you for helping us look and feel more beautiful! Keep up the good work! Joyce N.

December 27, 2013  5 stars

Beverly, I can't thank you enough for making my eyeliner beautiful. I know it was difficult to correct the application that I had done elsewhere. I had no idea how tattoo ink reacted in the face. I can't believe that there are people out there using tattoo ink as a permanent option for the face. I love what you did and I haven't even been able to look at my eyeliner without feeling regretful, for years. Thanks

again and rest assured that I am telling everyone in Covington about you. Donna E. 

5/14/14 *****

I will be back for eyeliner and lipstick. I absolutely love my brows. Sandy


Had my eyeliner done today. It is fabulous. Thank you B. Bohr. I will be back for lips.

Kerry A.

8/24/14  *****

Got my lipstick and eye liner done last week and they are looking pretty great. Love Louisville permanent make up and I really would not get this done any where different. Thx  DBF


Nov. 19, 2014

Love my brows, Love Beverly, Love Lou. Permanent Make-up. KC