Always Beautiful, Always Perfect and Always There.....Permanent Makeup 

Permanent Make-Up application, technically known as micropigmentation, is the art of depositing natural pigment beneath the epidermis. This application is accomplished by the use of a machine or a hand tool.  Whether you are interested in enhancing your natural features or correcting an imperfection, Permanent make-up is  an affordable alternative to daily application of conventional make-up.  Micropigmentation is not a science, it is an art. Your goal should be to locate a permanent make-up artist, not a permanent make-up technician. Louisville Permanent Make-up was founded by Beverly Bohr, a true make-up artist and a perfectionist in color application. Don't consider having your make-up done permanently, until you consider Louisville Permanent Make-up.  


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Beautiful, soft color

Applied with precision



Now you can have beautiful, shapely brows, defined
eyeliner and natural looking lip color without pain, 
that you don't have to apply every day.
Each procedure requires two Applications
at $200.00 per application
Beautiful Make-Up, Every Day, All Day


Permanent eyeliner is the perfect alternative for women with allergies, watery eyes, shaky hands.



Make Up 

We Also Offer Traditional Makeup for Weddings, Proms and Events

Age Spot Before                      Right After                           3 Days After                            5 Days After

Needling                                   Needling                              Needling                                  Needling

Stitched Scar             3 Weeks After               5 Months

                                   After Stitches                After Stitches

We offer Micro-Needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy). CIT is effective on age spot and hyper pigmented areas as a way to reduce the color and in most cases, get rid of the spot entirely. Micro-needling is also very affective in reducing the appearance of scars. The photos included here are completely untouched and are photos of our work exclusively.   

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Appointments are scheduled with regard for the availability and convenience of our clients in mind. 

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Please note*   If you have had tattoo ink deposited into your facial tissue,

prior to contacting our salon, corrections and/or touch ups could cost more than the typical $200. Please read the following Sept. 2013 article from the International Business Times: quote

"Concerns about toxic chemicals in tattoos emerged in 2011 when studies found that benzo(a)pyrene, a chemical used in black tattoo ink caused skin cancer in animals. Studies have also shown that coloured inks contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel and titanium, posing many health risks. According to the Mayo Clinic in the US, tattoo ink can cause allergic reactions, skin infections, bloodborne diseases (tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C). It can even pose problems during MRI examination."

We do not use tattoo ink, EVER. We use pigment that does NOT contain




Only trust your face to someone with qualified experience and expertise. You wouldn't allow your hairdresser to do your dental work and you shouldn't allow anyone to apply permanent pigment to your face without assurance that they are qualified, experienced, knowledgeable,  and dedicated to obtaining perfection   for their clients. Beverly is an artist in color/design and a perfectionist in pigment placement.